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Hearing loss in older patientsThe Alliance’s high level of expertise and extremely up to date advanced equipment makes them more readily accessible to diagnose and properly treat diseases affecting the ear and its related structures.

When a disease is detected, the Alliance can quickly provide a plan that can involve everything from surgical treatment to oral rehabilitation and different programs for the entire family of those affected. The Alliance is able to fulfill your every need involving the ear.

Have you recently become hard of hearing?  Dispensing audiologists specialize in both digital and analog hearing aids.  This includes custom fitting and diagnostic testing to ensure that the specific device is a good match for the patient.

The First Steps...  Audiologists are health care professionals who identify, assess and manage disorders of the auditory and balance systems. An audiologist will test a patient for disorders involved with hearing and balance, depending on the results the specialist will provide aural rehabilitation to the child or adult. The next step can be selecting and fitting hearing amplification systems. Preventative measures are important to take in order to ensure a complete rehabilitation process, provision and fitting of hearing protective devices are essential to accomplish this. The Alliance facilities will provide education for parents, patients, and the entire family on a variety of information dealing with hearing disorders.

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