Resources and information for parents whose kids are deaf or hearing impaired

When a Baby Fails a Hearing Screen

Baby fails hearing screenWhen a baby fails a hearing screen (called a ‘refer’ result) it does not necessarily mean that he or she has a hearing loss.  Between 2-10% of all babies do not pass their first hearing screening.  It is important that you return for the re-screen before one month of age.  This is the best way to be sure about your baby’s hearing. Learn more about what to do when your baby fails a hearing screen.


Teenagers and iPods

ipods and teenagersTurn that music down! Ever said that to your teenage child? Chances are, you have…and often. Teens love to listen to their music at ear-popping decibels. But it’s at a cost. Approximately 12 percent of children between the ages of 6 and 19 already have a permanent hearing loss due to loud noise exposure. Learn what you can do to protect your teenager.


How Viruses / Disease Affect Hearing

viruses and diseasesMany people think hearing loss is only a result of growing old or some type of accident. They are surprised to learn that hearing loss or deafness can result for contracting certain viruses or diseases. The Alliance can assist you with prevention and intervention strategies, education, treatment and resources. Learn more about the affect of viruses and disease.
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